Giants and A's make changes to save water at ballparks

The San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics have made changes at their ballparks to be team players during this drought.

The Giants have decided to only power wash the seats every other game. Cleaning crews are wiping down the seats before the first pitch now and the team is asking fans to do their part and to clean up. Then there's the issue of the field. They tried to cut back on overnight watering but the ground was too hard. That could put the players in danger of getting hurt. They say it is still a work in progress.

Over in Oakland at the Coliseum, they are also not spraying down the seats as often. They are lucky, their field doesn't require as much water because they sit 22 feet below sea level so it holds moisture better. They have decided not to use water on the infield dirt when the team is on the road.

Team officials say this is a tough balance, but they are trying to do their part.
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