Good Sports: Kevin Chappell

Saturday, February 17, 2018
Good Sports: Kevin Chappell
In this week's Good Sports, a Fresno native who began his life as a patient and is now realzing his dreams on the PGA Tour.

Kevin Chappell's path to the PGA Tour actually began at Valley Children's Hospital.

"I was a patient at Valley Children's when I was born. I had underdeveloped lungs and so without them, probably wouldn't be here," Chappell said.

The former Buchanan high golf star was treated in the Valley Children's NICU as a newborn and in 2012 the Kevin Chappell Champions for Children's Oncology was launched.

"I think the outlook is very positive. We have since 2012, through Kevin and Elizabeth's efforts raised almost $600,000 and I anticipate that will continue to grow," Valley Children's CEO, Todd Suntrapak, said.

"He has a servant's heart, he's obviously reinvesting in the community that he's been a part of his whole life. He's got a huge heart and he's putting that heart to work in the service of our kids and I think there's no higher calling than that."

With efforts like a luncheon and auctioning off golf memorabilia with proceeds going towards the foundation. Chappell also carries the pride of being a Central Valley native giving back to his community.

"I think it's more than giving back to the hospital, it's giving back to the area that raised me. It's great to be in Fresno, the hospital is a staple in our community and takes care of our kids," Chappell said.

A hometown hero making good on more than just the golf course.