Beautiful and unique succulents are thriving at Prickly Pear Farm

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Beautiful and unique succulents are thriving at Prickly Pear Farm.

"I love that they are weird and you never know what they are going to do. They're different. I love that you can neglect them and they'll thrive on that," said owner Terese Polgrean.

Terese has turned her longtime hobby into a business. She blames her husband for planting the seed.

"He started bringing back succulents I had never seen before from the coast so it's his fault, he started feeding my addiction and we started growing themselves. I started learning any propagating and propagating our own," Terese said.

She grows more than a dozen varieties from her Fresno County nursery and says succulents have emerged as a favorite in the past few years.

"The drought really kicked everyone into the succulent movement. Then started realizing how beautiful they are and how resilient they are, how well they do in the Valley," Terese said.

Despite belief, she says the plants can thrive her with proper care keeping them away from frost and not over watering them.

Terese prides herself on selling plants, hard to find succulents in the Central Valley and arranging them in jars of all shapes and sizes.

"There are some people that will sieve two hours just to have me put succulents in their own container, just to arrange them."

Besides arranging and selling them, she started doing classes across town like Pumpkin succulents or living wreath workshops.

Social media has helped her business sprout across the Valley showcasing creativity and nature together.

You can catch Terese and her prickly pear farm creations most Saturdays at the River Park farmers market. Or this weekend at the Old Town flea in Clovis.
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