Candy-fueled fun for the whole family at Sugar Rush in Woodland Hills

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Candy-fueled fun for the whole family
We follow Freeform actress Maeve Press as she and her dad walk through the colorful candy-inspired world of Sugar Rush.

WOODLAND HILLS -- Sugar Rush is an open air, on foot candy themed family adventure.

"We felt it was time to get families out in the fresh air in a really vibrant world on foot to have some fun together while still being safe and distanced," said Jasen Smith, the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Experiential Supply Co.

The colorful experience in Woodland Hills, CA features over 40,000 square feet of walking paths that take you through six immersive environments.

"This is not your sort of off the shelf candy land type experience. Candy is a very strong theme throughout the entire world but you're going to go through some really wacky and unique and unsuspecting environments while you're in there," Smith told Localish LA.

Localish LA followed Maeve Press from Freeform's "Everything's Gonna Be Okay" as she and her dad visited Sugar Rush.

"It's like if you ate a bunch of candy, blacked out and woke up in a dream," described Maeve Press.

"Maeve has always had a sugar rush and she has always loved her candy," said Maeve's father Darren Press.

"Candy is such a timeless cross generational thing that it brings everyone together." Smith

Visit the Sugar Rush walk-thru now to May 2nd.


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