Supply chain issues continue to impact Valley furniture business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- One frustrating result of the pandemic many of us have learned to deal with has been supply chain issues across various industries, but one Madera man says he's out of patience after waiting 16 months for a $1400 dining room set he ordered at a Fresno store.

"I think it's really unfair that a big company like Furniture City can't call and make concessions," says Don Rogers.

Don Rogers, along with his wife, selected a sectional sofa and dinette set from Furniture City back in January of 2021.

The sofa arrived 20 weeks later but according to Rogers, the dinner table and chairs have yet to show up.

His multiple calls to the store have left him unsatisfied.

"Now when I call them, they put me on hold and no one comes back to the phone," he said. "I do the chat thing and no one calls me back. They don't make any effort to talk to me or work with me."

We asked Furniture City for a comment and while management declined our invitation to go on camera, they admitted to dealing with supply chain issues on some items and assured us every customer is important to them.

Furniture City released a statement, saying in part, "We regret if there was any miscommunication on either side, but we strive to make things right, whether it be a reselection or refunding for the purchase."

But Rogers claims no one from the store has offered him a substitute or any sort of solution despite asking multiple times.

"I asked them if I can get a comparable set that's in stock, something similar and they wouldn't do that and they won't refund my money because its a non-refundable purchase," he said. "You'd figure after so many months, they should do something."

Furniture City's policy states all sales are final. However, management tells us they do make exemptions for some transactions.
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