Make your own sushi with this home Temaki kit

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Make your own sushi with this home kit
Calling all sushi lovers! True World Foods is offering a home kit with top-grade fish.

LOS ANGELES -- Having sushi withdrawals in quarantine?

While many restaurants are still shut down, or have limited service, due to the coronavirus pandemic, wholesale seller True World Foods wanted to find a way to serve people restaurant-quality fish from the comfort of their own homes. The wholesaler has earned a reputation for delivering top-grade fish, specialty seafood you can't find at the local grocery store, to restaurants around the country.

"We're one of the originals for bringing sushi-grade fish to restaurants," said True World Foods chef Ken Sato. "But because of COVID, restaurants are closing."

"So we've been thinking about what we can offer customers that would be something exciting that they could do at their house," Sato said.

True World Foods is offering home delivery of select specialty fish, vegetables, poke bowl sets and a Temaki set, which is often referred to as "hand roll" sushi.

The Temaki kit was a hit with ABC7 anchor David Ono, who made the hand-rolled sushi with his family. The kit includes an assortment of fish (including tuna, eel, crab sticks, shrimp and tilapia), seaweed, rice and tamago (egg). For the sauce, the set comes with vinegar powder, wasabi and Japanese mayonnaise.

"So far it's been great, I think customers love it and we want more people to try it," Sato said.

Not only will the kit satisfy sushi cravings, but it's a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

True World Foods currently delivers kits to Los Angeles and San Diego county. To order, visit