From Tarrytown to Tinseltown: Posh Pretzels is Oscar-nominated treat to the stars

ByMarcus Solis KFSN logo
Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Tarrytown company remains Oscar-nominated pretzels to the stars
Marcus Solis has more on Posh Pretzels.

TARRYTOWN, New York -- AnneMarie D'Erasmo is on her way to becoming the pretzel purveyor to the stars.

For the sixth time, the Posh Pretzel store owner will see her sweet and stylish goodies included in a swag bag given to the top nominees at the Academy Awards.

This year's theme? "Barbie," of course.

"Some of them have a light strawberry taste and we did them all pink," she said.

D'Erasmo opened the shop on North Broadway nearly 10 years ago as a side business while working full time at a hospital.

On a lark, she reached out to Distinctive Assets, the company behind the "Everyone Wins" independent gift bags that are handed out on Oscar night.

"I loved that it was a female-owned brand," said Lash Fary of Distinctive Assets. "I loved that she was a mom, making things happen. She was easy to work with, and I just thought it was an amazing inclusion."

D'Erasmo has made custom creations for events ranging from the 50th anniversary of hip hop concert to Martha Stewart's birthday party. Now, she's getting ready to ship dozens of gold, posh-filled boxes out west.

Though she doesn't get to attend the star-studded affair, she's hoping for a little Hollywood magic.

"If Ryan Gosling happens to have one, I wouldn't be upset," said D'Erasmo.

A bit of Tinseltown in Tarrytown.