SoCal meal delivery tailored just for you

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Monday, August 9, 2021
Meal delivery tailored just for you
Taylor Made Cuisine delivers healthy, gourmet food to your home.

IRVINE, Calif. -- Looking for new restaurant-quality cuisine delivered conveniently to your doorstep?

Irvine-based Taylor Made Cuisine aims to be your personal chef by helping take away the stresses of making homecooked meals made healthy and easy.

"This is real food," said Taylor DeCosta, founder, CEO and executive chef of Taylor Made Cuisine. "This is like if your mom came over and made you bunch of meals for the week and packed your fridge."

As most stayed home during the height of the pandemic, former private chef Taylor DeCosta created a new meal and catering service that immediately skyrocketed. Delivering more than 5,000 meals a month across Los Angeles and Orange County area.

"It's like having a healthy homecooked meal but without all the mess and the dishes," said DeCosta.

"I think it's way better, easier, less time, less money in the long run," said Kristen Hatfield of Newport Beach. "Because you're not wasting food that you think you're going to eat."

As demand continues to soar, so has their extensive online menu. You'll find more than 160 items, everything from keto to vegan.

"People have their favorites. They like American food. They like Italian food. The Asian food is very popular," said co-founder and CFO Michael DeCosta.

In the past, Taylor DeCosta has cooked for athletes like Kobe Bryant. Today everyone can enjoy her cuisines - including celebrity clients like actress Christina Hendricks and fitness personality Brooke Burke.

"I got an opportunity to be a private chef for Kobe Bryant. That was a great experience," Taylor DeCosta said, "And I think that's really the basis for my culinary skills and our business today."

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