George Ranch High School junior inspires others on and off the tennis court

ByBob Slovak Localish logo
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
George Ranch student inspires others on and off the tennis court
George Ranch Junior Clay Watson has never let anything hold him back. Born without a left forearm, Clay is inspiring others with his desire on and off the tennis court.

RICHMOND, Texas -- Finding a way has always been Clay Watson's motto. Born without a left forearm and hand, the George Ranch High School Junior learned to be self-sufficient at an early age. Daily activities like tying his shoes became routine for Clay. He wasn't going to let any limitation slow him down and that includes Sports.

Clay played soccer and basketball at an early age. In 7th grade, he surprised his mom telling her he was going to tryout for the Tennis team. She said, "Good luck, do you have a racket?" Clay made that team and has never looked back.

His serve is both unique and powerful. To see it is amazing and inspiring. "I definitely like to inspire people, even with simple tasks like tying shoes and other daily tasks that you would think amputees couldn't do. It's great to know I can inspire others through my tennis or just talking to them. Always keep an open mind that there is always a way to get it done."

Clay recently met 5 year old Aubrey, who was also born with congenital amputation. Aubrey wants to be a tennis player like Clay. The two bonded with Aubrey getting a lesson on how hold the racket and serve from Clay - the two inspiring each other.