Two men risk their lives for a selfie at a Texas gun range

Two men in Texas made an ill-advised decision and risked their lives for a selfie.

A gun range customer held a gun to his friend's head hoping to get a picture for social media.

A range safety officer quickly intervened disarming the men and clearing the weapon.

The manager says they violated the rules and will never be allowed back.

"Banned for life. So after they had the incident we took them to the lobby. We recapped what rules they broke in our range and then we got their stuff for them and we banned them for life," said Kyle Harrison, from Top Gun Range.

While the gun was not loaded, the manager says this is what you should not do when it comes to firearm safety.

He says never point a gun at anything you don't want to shoot.

While the range is there for practice, customers are expected to do it safely.

The gun range is sharing this video as a lesson to others.
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