The Cauldron is Philly's magical fantasy-inspired bar and restaurant

ByAmanda Brady via Localish logo
Friday, July 8, 2022
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At The Cauldron, everyone's either a wizard, a witch, or a nonbinary magical being with special powers to whip up potions.

PHILADELPHIA -- With a magic wand, you can head to the magical menagerie, insert a wizard coin, wave your wand and the unicorns will dispense the cocktail or mocktail of your choice.

At your table, there is the potion-making experience. It's like an escape room meets cocktail-making class, where you brew concoctions with your dining companions.

The Cauldron is the concept of Matthew Courtland, of Medford, New Jersey.

He invented the magic wand, filled with sensor-based technology that he programs to pair with equipment.

David Duckworth is the co-founder and both are on a mission to bring magic to life.

They opened their first location in London. Philly is the sixth spot and only the second in the United States.