Nathan Fillion promises exciting, explosive ending to season 2 of 'The Rookie'

'The Rookie' star and executive producer Nathan Fillion promises an exciting season 2 finale that utilizes a different style of storytelling.
GLENDALE -- As the ABC drama "The Rookie" races toward its season finale, there are some dangerous, unethical and illegal things happening within the LAPD. Nathan Fillion's "John Nolan" character is close to exposing what's been going on... but it puts him in great peril.

"When things go well for John Nolan, it's always a nice thing but we care more when things aren't going well," said Fillion. "And we are going to pull the rug out from John Nolan. I'm very excited and proud of this episode."

Part two of this season finale re-examines the events of what happened in the last episode- but from different perspectives.

"It's a new kind of storytelling that I've never experienced before but I'm very, very excited about. It was a lot of fun to film," said Fillion.

But Fillion also says: Get ready for a cliffhanger because it's coming!

"Things have gotten incredibly intense," said Fillion. "I think they're going to get more intense before we're able to wrap it up and breathe easy. And in no way are we going to let you breathe easy until season three.

As for the drama in our real world, Fillion says, for the most part, he's been staying home and staying safe during this pandemic.

"If there's something I need to do, I'll evaluate. Is this a necessity? Do I actually need this? Do I? Someone is risking something somewhere to get that to me," said Fillion.

If he's feeling down or even afraid, Fillion finds a way to turn it into something positive.

"I just around me and see who I can help out" said Fillion. "Helping other people goes a long way to make me feeling a little better about what's going on."

Fillion's positivity doesn't go unnoticed at home or on set--his co-star Titus Makin chatted with On The Red Carpet about how great the actor and executive producer is to work with.

"The Rookie" airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT | 9 p.m. CT on ABC.
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