Local business takes golf to the next level

ByPhilip Torres Localish logo
Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Local business takes golf to the next level
The Golf Clubs is bringing a new twist to an old game by using advancements in technology in order help the local golfing community improve their game.

Fresno, California -- The Golf Clubs is an indoor golf center where you can get access to technology to practice and play a round of golf in record time.

By using the latest technology with Trackman, the staff at The Golf Clubs can breakdown your swing by using data points gathered during your indoor golf session to improve your game. With stats and numbers tailor made to fit your playstyle you can understand what you're doing right, and what are some of things you can work on to become a better golfer.

In addition to playing a round of golf faster than going to your local course, there are drills and practice that is just as easy to get done during a lunch break of in between meeting or conference calls.

The Golf Clubs isn't taking the place of outdoor golf, it's about getting in to the local golf community and helping golfers improve their game.