Grapevine reopened following mudslides

KERN COUNTY. (KFSN) -- The grapevine has now reopened in both directions nearly 24 hours after flash flood and mud closed down parts of the busy interstate.

Water poured onto the grapevine Thursday bringing with it mud and rocks. Swallowing cars, trucks, big rigs everyone was stuck in the mud. "I stop over here by the plant to get my load," said Jose Hernandez a truck driver. Hernandez says the load was late, if it had been on time he would've been in the mess.

Caltrans has spent the day cleaning off miles of I-5 with northbound lanes opening in the early afternoon. Miles north of the grapevine families and truckers were waiting it out. Some heading onto 166 to find a detour.

"Pretty frustrating at first because I got stuck driving so it's a bit frustrating," said Armando Maldonaldo from Exeter.

Many are staying positive. They realize there's not much they can do. Rafael says the situation is stressful, he's been at the truck stop since 6 p.m. Thursday.

Rafael and dozens of other truck drivers drive the grapevine multiple times a year. They all say they've never seen anything like this. "We hope it's not going to rain again because if it rains again, I'm going to be here stuck for a month," said Hernandez.

Drivers are hoping rain doesn't cause more problems. null
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