Newest vacation trend-- Nostalgia Vacations

Nasreen Stump enjoys looking back through photos of treasured family vacations from her own childhood.

"When I was a kid we went up to New Hampshire every year."

Stump would go to a favorite amusement park and her family always popped in to an iconic pancake parlor named Polly's.

"Polly's has a red, wooden horse out front called Trot Trot. We used to sit on Trot Trot and get our picture taken every year."

Now that Stump's a parent, she decided it was a tradition she wanted her family to keep.

"We took the kids there on a trip recently with my sister, so we could revisit the places that we had gone when we were little with my girls when they were little."

Nasreen isn't the only one feeling nostalgic. A recent Priceline survey shows about 60-percent of parents have taken their families on vacations that reminded them of their childhood.

And now, resorts and destinations are realizing change is not always good.

"The best surprise is no surprise. You know what you're going to get," said Robert Mandelbaum, CBRE Hotels' Americas Research.

Experts say while resorts usually try to modernize as much as possible, places playing to memory-makers do the opposite.

"They're tying to keep the experience, the amenities, the facilities, the services, as much as they were in the past," said Mandelbaum.

Many historic hotels still decorate with the decor of yesteryear. And the wooden horse in front of Polly's Pancake Parlor is still rocking.

"The girls had a fantastic time on the trip. They got to kind of see what we saw when we were little. They were very impressed that my sister and I were once their size and that we hadn't always been grownups," said Stump.

Stump knows her girls will grow all too fast, and likes the idea of traveling to a place where time stands still.

"I would have been disappointed if I'd gone and they didn't have those nostalgic touches, so when the resorts keep some of those, I think it encourages people to go back."

Don't worry about a lack of modern amenities. Most resorts aim to hold on to the old but still embrace the new with updates to things like wifi and healthy menu items.
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