Coronavirus: California trout fishing season delayed through May 31

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Trout season was delayed in California as some parks, lakes and recreation areas across the state remain closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

County fishing spots usually get thousands of visitors for the start of the season, which was set to start on April 25.

During a teleconference on Thursday, public heath officials and county administrators pleaded for a delay. They said tiny counties with popular fishing areas are ill-equipped to handle a virus outbreak.

"We don't have a hospital in our county, and the county is the only medical provider for our residents," said Nicole Williamson from Alpine County Health and Human Services. "The majority of our population are seniors and they're more vulnerable to complications or even death for COVID-19.

With a million licensed anglers in the state, many argue fishing has social distancing built-in, and invoked their constitutional rights to fish and to acquire food.

However, the commission voted to allow for the delay of fishing on a case-by-case basis with the consultation of health officials through May 31.
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