Community members help Tule River Tribe after storm

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Monday, March 13, 2023
Community members help Tule River Tribe after storm
It's been a constant rough few days for the Tule River Tribe but community members are stepping up to help.

PORTERVILLE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The one paved road leading to the Tule River Tribal reservation has been out of service since Thursday.

In response, the tribe evacuated about 130 casino employees and guests. And issuing a shelter in place for people living on the reservation.

"The force of the current was such that it ripped the road out. It ripped out the tribe sewer system that runs through there," said the Chairman for Tule River, Neil Peyron.

He said the main road was five to six feet underwater. There are other roads and bridges that have been damaged on the reservation.

Construction crews working to repair the main road on Sunday. The damage made it difficult for people to get to and from the reservation.

Peyron said it became life-threatening with some people needing medical attention.

"We had to actually have them flown out," said Peyron.

The issue soon became the lack of food. But Peyron says people have stepped up to help.

Tyson Gibson lived on the reservation for most of his life. He helped gather people to donate and deliver food and toiletries.

"I had a bunch of friends and family asking me how they can help so I organized a letter, and the tribe sent a list of necessary items that they can use," said Gibson.

He said several thousand dollars in donations were provided.

Eagle Mountain Casino provided the large trucks used to transport the items.

And he said they delivered 12 truckloads of necessities.

"It's nice to see that there's still communities that will still come together and help others," said Gibson.

He said the Tule River tribe is always extending help to others.

And he's amazed to see people help the Tule River tribe in this time of need.

The Tule River tribe is in talks with FEMA and other local organizations. It said they have continued to get support from so many during this challenging time.

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