Search warrant says UCM attacker sat in silent day of attack

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A search warrant obtained by the Merced Sun Star gives new chilling details about the UC Merced attack. Faisal Mohammad stabbed four people and was killed by a campus police officer in November.

According to the search warrant, Mohammad's is described by his roommate as a "Loner" and an "extreme Muslim" who was "way out there". John Price, the father of one of the victims said, "Call it what it is, it's terrorism-- it might be homegrown, it might be domestic but it's still terrorism."

In the early morning hours before the attack, the roommate said Mohammad sat silently on the edge of his bed, staring out the window. He was wearing a hooded sweater with the hood over his head and a backpack on his back. "This is an individual guy who developed a plan, had tools, a method and a plan for hurting," Price added, "he was gonna cut people's heads off for goodness sakes."

The roommate also told detectives how a friend asked Mohammad what would happen if he touched his prayer mat and he replied, "I will kill you"-- a normal reaction according to the roommate

At this point, the Merced County Sheriff's Office isn't labeling the stabbing spree terrorism. The FBI isn't either and it all leaves Price with more questions. "Somebody higher up has a reason for controlling the message and I don't quite understand it," Price said.
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