First day of spring brings challenge for Valley farmers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- These green beans pushing through the soil were planted 10 days ago. It's the biggest vegetable crop grown by David Sarabian.

Another set of the pink seeds just went into the ground, so Sarabian worries steady rain could cause flooding in his field.

"The more it rains the harder this crust gets so as this seed tries to get through this crust it can't," said Sarabian.

On the farm, crews also just planted both green beans and daikon.

"Any of the vegetables that we planted may not have the ability to germinate through that crust once the rain goes over the ground and seals it off," said Sarabian.

After the storms pass, farmers will be hoping for the sun's warmth to return.

"If it stays cold and damp then we start getting rot and mold issues that become a larger issue for us and sometimes we may lose some of the crop," said Sarabian.

It's been a difficult stretch for valley farmers. Almonds are forming but freezing temperatures hit during the bloom. That could put the nut crop off by as much as 30%.

Sarabian explains, "The almonds are definitely lighter than what could have been with the extent of the bloom that we had. The jury is still out on how bad it is, but it's of concern."

When it comes to the weather farmers take the good with the bad.

Sarabian says the rain is badly needed so he'll deal with the consequences.
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