Is your car rain-ready? A local expert helps you make sure it is

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- From wheels to wipers, experts at D & R Automotive in Downtown Fresno say check your vehicle to make sure it's ready for the rain.

"Go outside, it only takes a minute," said Manuel Garcia service manager at D & R. "Check your wipers, look at your tires, make sure everything is okay."

Garcia said you should check your windshield wipers every six months. If they're not effectively wiping off the water it's time for a change.

"After putting these on you can tell it is wiping nice and clean," he said. "If you have a bad wiper you are definitely going to see more streaky water spots."

Wipers only do half the job. If your defroster doesn't work then your windshield will fog up. Garcia said to see a mechanic for this one.

"Without that, you won't be able to see properly," he said. "It definitely clears it up and gives you a better view."

Rainy conditions also mean slick roads. You can lose control of your vehicle if you're not careful. To get a better grip on the roadways, make sure the tread on your tires is good.

"We do have the penny test," said Garcia. "If you have a penny if you can slide it in and see the head, you're still good."

Any easy and affordable fix is getting your tires rotated. This can extend their life and save you some money in the long run, but your tires are only as good as your brakes.

"If you notice that it is taking longer to break also if you're having to step on your brake peddle a lot harder definitely get it looked at," said Garcia.

Also, make sure your headlights are clean. Oxidized lights can greatly reduce visibility. It will help in the rain and in the coming fog.
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