Valley residents find ways to beat the heat

Finding ways to beat the heat becomes a priority this time of year.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This might be the funnest way to stay cool on a hot summer day: riding down a waterslide or getting tossed around in a wave pool.

"Definitely the best way to beat the heat," said Greg Miller of Fresno. "She's loving the water, splashing around, hanging out with all the other kids, so definitely a fun day."

Water parks aren't the only place to get wet. Fresno's four city pools are open, and when it's really hot, they are a bargain.

"As long as the temperature has reached 105 degrees or over, then all of our pools, the four main large pools, between 1 to 5, which is our recreation swim time, they are free," said Nicole Demera with the city of Fresno.

Bus rides to the cooling centers are also free. FAX buses will take anyone to the Ted Wills, Frank H. Ball, Mosqueda, Pinedale and Romain community centers if they let the bus driver know they are going there to cool off. They are open until 8 p.m.

And many folks are finding a trip to the mall can be a cool experience. "Instead of going to River Park, we came here so we could stay out of the heat a little bit," said Stephanie Alberti of Visalia.

The hot weather may be giving the malls a boost in business, and it's definitely paying off at the water parks, and the hot forecast means a crowded weekend ahead.
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