Valley travelers recall mudslide ordeals in SoCal

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Days after mudslides near the Grapevine, several travelers from the Valley have finally made it to their destinations.

One Fresno woman we spoke with was detoured so far out of the way -- she missed two flights out of LAX. All because the mudslides clogged the main artery to Los Angeles.

In truck driver Cameron Speight's photos of the devastation, you can see how quickly your surroundings can change.

"After seeing what damage the water did to those mountains, I've never seen the mountains like that," said Speight.

He was one of nearly 200 drivers, stranded on Highway-58 near Tehachapi Pass. Watrer rushed off the mountains Thursday night and swept away cars and trucks in an instant.

"I called my dispatch telling them screaming at them like this mountain is coming down on me I got to bail my truck," said Speight.

The Hanford man made it to higher ground, and his video shows the muddy view hours later. No one was killed or even badly injured but cleanup is still underway. Finally home after the days long ordeal, Speight is taking it easy.

But even those who didn't face the danger, were affected.

"It's cost me 400-dollars. I've been on the bus for the last 24 hours," said Kelly Armstrong of Fresno. A group of bus riders traveling from Fresno to Los Angeles were diverted hours out of the way. Many of them finally at their destinations, days overdue.

"This is the kind of stuff that you see on TV. But when it affects you directly at home it changes your whole point of view," said Speight.

There are still many cars still trapped on Highway-58 and it will remain closed for several days. The Grapevine at I-5 however is back open. null
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