15-year-old weightlifter stuns with record-setting lift

UNION COUNTY, Fl. -- Mahailya Reeves is only 15-years old, but she can lift more than most NFL players can. And she's nowhere near done yet.

"Weightlifting for a lot of kids brings them out of a shell. You have a kid, and you give them something to work for in life and want to be good at, they become good in the classroom and good in the weight room," Her coach, Bryan Griffis says about the sport, who is seen celebrating with Mahailya in the now-viral clip of her benching 360lbs to break the national record.

"When we come in here, it's a time you can leave all the cares of that world out there and all the cares of your school day and everything," Says Mahailya, who started lifting in the fifth grade. Along with her teammates, she's led her school's small weightlifting program to 10 state championships in just four years.

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