Grab gourmet brunch on wheels at Yolked, an LI food truck that leaves guests hungry for more

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Try brunch on the go at this gourmet Long Island food truck
Despite the pandemic, Vanessa Cafiero, Sarah Weingarte and Jennifer Nelson took a chance and opened a brunch-focused food truck.

MASSAPEQUA, New York -- What began as a casual conversation about opening a food truck quickly became a reality for three Long Island women, and a scary one at that because the pandemic was still raging.

The chain of events that led to their gourmet food truck, Yolked, began last year, when Vanessa Cafiero had to shut down her main business, Emerge Yoga and Wellness in Massapequa, because of COVID-19 restrictions. She then teamed up with Jennifer Nelson to start a yoga teacher-training course online to stay afloat.

One student who stood out to them was Sarah Weingarten, who completed the course and became close with the two.

Cafiero invited her over to discuss future business plans, and that's when the food truck idea came to life.

"Were sitting down eating, just chatting, and I look at her, and I ask so, what the hell do you want to do with your life," Cafiero said. "She was a little nervous and goes, 'I really want to open up a food truck.'"

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After laying out a business plan, finding a truck, and refining their vision for the menu, 'Yolked' was ready to make its debut.

"I was nothing but excited," Weingarten said. "The universe kind of brought us all together to make something so beautiful, and it was all meant to be."

Yolked puts a spin on your breakfast/brunch classics like the bacon, egg, and cheese, and avocado toast.

The ingredient combinations on the truck make for tasty food that is quick, convenient and healthy.

"We use so many fresh, whole-food ingredients," Weingarten said. "People don't realize they are eating slightly healthier, and that's kind of the magic about it."

The three business partners certainly had their doubts about the wisdom of opening during the pandemic, but they put their fears aside, determined to make the food truck a success.

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"I had a couple of moments of jitters and second-guessing myself, but it didn't matter because I had a job to do," said Nelson, who runs the finances for Yolked. "I learned pretty quickly, and I actually enjoy being on the truck, working with the team, and making it happen."

Usually parked right outside the Emerge Yoga and Wellness studio at 623 Broadway, customers can also request the truck for backyard brunches, birthdays and other private catering events.

"It's not just about using high-quality ingredients," Cafiero said. "The food combinations that you put together will make you feel better as you eat it. That all said, we put so much love and passion into what we do that people can see it on the front end, but also taste it on the back end."


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