Behind the scenes at the Billy Gibbons Texas History Experience!

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Monday, April 18, 2022
New exhibit explores career of ZZ Top's frontman!
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From guitars to custom hot rods and stage costumes, this exhibit celebrates the 50-year career of ZZ Top's legendary frontman!

GALVESTON, Texas -- A new exhibit at The Bryan Museum in Galveston is paying tribute to the legendary career of the always sharply-dressed Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top!

The Billy Gibbons Texas History Experience takes you through the 50-year career of the band's iconic frontman. The exhibit includes everything from guitars to stage costumes and rarely-seen photos. Even Gibbons' famous Eliminator coupe made an appearance during the exhibit's grand opening.

"The guitar wall is a spectacle within itself. It's my favorite wall within this exhibit," said curator Eric Broussard. "The thing that I was most excited about was a 1963 Gibson Melody Maker guitar. It is the first guitar that Billy ever owned. It was a Christmas present when he was 13 from his parents."

Fans will also find four "history stations" within the exhibit where they can learn how many of Gibbons' and ZZ Top's hit songs relate directly to people or places in Texas.

"It covers things like the chicken ranch in La Grange and the Balinese room that was here in Galveston for so many years," said Broussard. "He literally archives everything. He keeps art that his fans sent him. He keeps guitars, amps, drum sets. It's like, you know, do you have the original lyrics to LaGrange? Oh yeah, I got that, I'll send that to you, no problem."

The Billy Gibbons Texas History Experience is open at The Bryan Museum until July 3rd. For more information, visit