Rental property owners will be required to register with the city of Fresno under the rental housing improvement act

You can find an estimated 85,000 rental units in Fresno-- homes, condos, and apartments.

Maria Else and her family live in a rental home. She says a citywide registry which requires inspections of rentals will improve living conditions for families.

"I think if it takes them stepping in a little more and a putting little more pressure, more frequently go into the home and make sure they're up to par just in case something is being missed," said Else.

Else regularly talks to her landlord Don Scordino about maintenance issues. Scordino calls the rental act a game-changer.

"To make it work the tenants and the landlords now have to have a new partnership because the landlord's gotta come in the home periodically now," Scordino said.

The plan calls for the city to inspect at least one unit from every registered property owner within five years.

"We will be sending out letters later this month or early in September and will be allowing property owners to register on-line," said Jennifer Clark, City of Fresno.

The Fresno association of realtors is putting together information packets and videos to offer tenant tips.

"We have everything in here from what not to put down garbage disposals to how to keep allergies down to how to keep varmints out of the house," Scordino said.

Property owners who don't register with the city will face fines.

"I think that can improve the accountability on both ends, on the end of the owner and the end of the renter," said Else.

The database will help ensure rental properties are safe and livable.
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