'Cinderella-sizing': Bakersfield medical spa offers 24-hour breast augmentation

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KFSN) -- Women around the Valley are heading to a South Valley medical spa to get a cosmetic enhancement that lasts for only 24 hours. But that's exactly what it's meant to do.

Nayeli Salazar is a busy college student who's making the most of her 20s. She's already traveled the world and speaks several languages. But now she's talking about getting a cosmetic procedure to enhance her curves.

"As soon as I found out about this 24-hour breast procedure, I was just ecstatic," said Salazar. "I'm like, oh my gosh, I need to get this done."

Salazar looks forward to the results of a 24-hour breast augmentation. It's often called "Cinderella-sizing" because like the fairy tale princess the transformation is gone the next day. Salazar hopes the temporary enhancement gives her an idea of a future breast augmentation with implants.

"It's just a little sneak peek of how my outfits will look with my bathing suits or any gowns or dresses," said Salazar.

"A lot of women, they're not quite sure if they're ready for breast implants yet. They've tried them on, they don't know how it's really going to look or feel on their body," said Dr. Darshan Shah, medical director and CEO of Beautologie in Bakersfield.

Shah says he has heard of women getting the 24-hour breast augmentation for a special occasion, but most of his clients use it as a way to try out a breast augmentation without the surgery.

"What the 24-hour breast augmentation does is give them a preview of what that's going to be like for 24 hours," said Shah.

The procedure takes place inside a sterile operating room, even though there is no major surgery. Shah uses a local anesthesia, then makes a small incision in the breasts to fill each one with a saline solution.

"Perfectly safe, totally absorbable. Very important to know that we don't inject silicone into the breast. That is not safe. The saline injection is just water. It's completely safe," said Shah.

Salazar can watch the change as it happens. An after picture of Salazar shows her bigger bustline.

In the Valley and around the country, more women are getting the temporary treatment. A medical spa near Memphis, Tenn., shared before-and-after pictures with us to show a client's dramatic change.

The saline in the 24-hour breast boost gradually drains away and is flushed out of the body. Even though the solution is harmless, Fresno plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Chin says with any procedure, patients should be well-informed of the potential risks and side-effects.

"There are still certain risks with any procedure that you have to inject -- could be infection, could be asymmetry," said Chin.

Salazar is happy with her results and considers it an investment in the next step of her beauty plan.

A portion of the $1,000 24-hour treatment can then be applied to a full surgical breast augmentation if the patient chooses to have that in the future.

Now, Salazar is more comfortable with her decision to undergo a surgical breast augmentation after having a realistic try-out for 24 hours.

"You want that perfect measurement for your body," said Salazar.

Dr. Shah says the procedure takes less than an hour. He also says some patients could have some minor bruising at the injection site.

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