Fresno Police Bust Major Meth Ring

Fresno, CA, USA John Donnelly, with the Drug Enforcement Agency said, "This case is excellent but it's only indicative of what we've been doing all along. It's just one more brick in the wall so to speak."

The drugs came from Mexico, the suspected dealers from California. Investigators say 27 year old Armando Gallardo from Reedley was the local connection who set up the meeting with undercover drug agents. Detectives believe the group supplied large amounts of crystal meth not only to the Valley but around the country.

Last Saturday drug agents with Fresno Police and the DEA set up a sting on Elm and Jensen. Four men showed up with 15 pounds of meth hidden inside the rear passenger door panel of a car. Police had to go through an elaborate and sophisticated series of steps to find it. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer explained the process. "The key had to be turned on, then the defroster had to be turned on, the lights of the vehicle turned on and then a magnet had to be waved across the cup holder which then allowed that compartment to be opened."

Dyer says its great getting so much dope off of our Valley streets but he's most proud of finding the source of the drugs. "Removing the source all the way to Mexico is a significant accomplishment for our agency."

Chief Dyer says there is a warrant out for that 5th suspect in Mexico. The DEA is looking for him and want to extradite him to U.S. so they can prosecute him here. Police want all 5 men to be charged federally because if convicted it means they would serve more time in prison.


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