Sammy Hagar pulling "Cabo Wabo" out of Fresno

Fresno, CA, USA Since late August, Fresno's Cabo Wabo has been one of "the places to be". In October, fans lined up as early as 4 a.m. for the chance to see the "Red Rocker" at a free concert. Thursday, they expressed disappointment about Hagar's decision. "I think that's too bad for Fresno because it's a great club," said Christi Avakian.

Matthew Jackson said without the Hagar brand, the club wouldn't be the same. "If they change the name and they change the atmosphere it won't be the same," said Jackson.

Fresno's Cabo Wabo seems successful, but Granite Park's developer has run into financial trouble. Without Sammy Hagar, its future is uncertain. In a statement, Hagar called it an "unfortunate situation" and said, "If the owners of the current license in Fresno intend to keep the location open and change the concept to something entirely different, it will not be under the Cabo Wabo brand."

What happens now to a $5 million dollar guaranteed by the city is unknown. It partnered with Granite Park's developer back in 2004, in exchange for public use of the athletic fields. Council member Jerry Duncan said it was the right decision and he's hopeful Granite Park will still succeed. "The loss of the brand is a short term problem… My hope is that the owner will continue in another name and still create a viable entertainment option that people can go in and enjoy themselves," said Duncan.

Diehard fans like Avakian are also holding out hope things can still be worked out. "Sammy's a great guy. And I know he's a people person so maybe they can just talk it out. But it's unfortunate, if it's not going to be Cabo Wabo anymore because we love it," said Avakian.


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