Shocking Details in Deputy Rape Case

Madera, CA, USA 37-year-old Jerry Saldivar was taken into custody on March 1 at his Clovis home. Saldivar was arrested for rape, but has yet to be charged.

Jerry Saldivar entered court Friday morning followed by his family. A judge allowed the Madera County Deputy to remain free on bail. Saldivar was arrested for raping a woman at his Clovis home. Action News is not revealing the alleged victim's identity. She filed a restraining order earlier this month. In the document, she claimed: "I woke up Sunday morning March 1, 2009 in pain and noticed I was wearing different clothes ... We discovered that [Jerry Saldivar] had raped me and videotaped the entire tragic episode."

The district attorney has not filed charges yet. Saldivar's Attorney Richard Beshwate defended the deputy, "He is a very successful homicide detective for the Madera County Sheriff's Department. He's very concerned about his name being dragged through the gutter based on these allegations."

But Saldivar has faced a domestic violence charge in the past. A Clovis police report states the same woman claimed Saldivar assaulted her two years ago. Action News obtained pictures of the alleged victim. We blurred her face to protect her identity. Some bruising can be seen around her face and arms. Saldivar's attorney said his client and the woman have had a contentious relationship, "My client frankly has been injured by her in the past. We have pictures and photographs."

Saldivar will remain on paid administrative leave. Next month a hearing is scheduled to find out whether the DA is going to pursue the case.


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