Two men going to prison for tattooing 7 year old

FRESNO, Calif.

Enrique Gonzalez, Jr,. and Travis Gorman pleaded guilty to corporal injury to a child and gang enhancements.

Gonzalez will go to prison for a six year sentence. Gorman will serve five years.

Enrique Gonzalez, Jr., and Travis Gorman are still wearing prison jumpsuits, but these won't be their uniforms for life.

Another type of lifelong uniform is what got them in trouble in the first place, a bulldog paw tattoo on Gonzalez's 7-year-old son.

Gorman did the tattoo. Gonzalez asked him to do it. But a new plea deal means they won't serve life sentences.

"I won't call it a victory. I mean, you know, we have a little boy who now is going to be without his dad," Doug Foster said.

Prosecutors tried to put them in prison for life with an aggravated mayhem charge, but 12 jurors found them not guilty.

They couldn't reach verdicts on lesser crimes. Thursday, the defendants pleaded guilty to one of the lesser crimes: corporal injury to a child.

Their attorneys say it's the same deal prosecutors could've taken long before the trial.

"It was a resolution we were offering the People a year ago and it's just frustrating that we took the time, the expense," Foster said.

Now Gonzalez and Gorman's families can start the clock on their homecomings. Gorman's father died the day after the trial ended. But his 2-year-old daughter will be waiting when he gets out.

"She cries because she wants her dad to come home. She says 'When's my dad coming' when we bring her to court, and now I can give her an answer," Meriah Ramirez said.

Both men admitted to gang involvement, but they told the jury they quit after their arrests in this case.

Corin: "When he comes out, his daughter will be 7. Is he going to be a changed man? Is this going to lead to better decision making for him?"

"He is done with the Bulldog stuff. He's done," Manuel Nieto said.

Gorman's girlfriend told Action News she won't let him tattoo their daughter, at least until her late teens. Gonzalez's ex-wife is working to get full custody of both of their kids, including the boy who was tattooed.

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