Several wildfires rage in Southern California

July 29, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
More than 1,000 homes are in the path of a raging wildfire in Southern California Friday morning.

The crown fire started yesterday afternoon in the Leona Valley near Palmdale and Agua Dulce. It started at about 500 acres, but as of Friday morning it's believed the fire is burning 4,500 acres.

The fire is zero percent contained. Two homes have burned in the blaze, but that number could be higher.

One communications tower belonging to the L.A. County Sheriff's office burned in the fire. And flames are burning next to transmissions lines, but so far there have been no interruptions of power to surrounding communities.

Thousands of people in Palmdale have been told to get out as the crown fire moves closer to their homes. Sheriff's Deputies patrolled the streets Thursday night urging 2,000 residents to leave as lines of vehicles crowded the streets. People gathered up their belongings as they watched the fire coming over the hills into residential areas. Two evacuation centers at nearby schools are now open.

Four communities are now under an evacuation order including Leona Valley, Ritter Ranch, Ana Verde and Rancho Vista.

Two other wildfires in Kern County continue to burn Friday morning.

The largest fire is near Kernville. It's called the Bull Fire and so far 16,000 acres have burned.

About 40-miles away, the West Fire has burned 1,600 acres. Some 25-structures may have been lost so far in the flames. But cooler temperatures and calmer winds are preventing the fire from spreading. Firefighters say they expect to have the west fire contained sometime today. About 2,300 firefighters, including dozens from the Valley, helped battle this fire.