Home invasion robbery in central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened at a duplex style complex on Pleasant near Shields in central Fresno.

Investigators spent much of Wednesday night trying to figure out exactly what took place inside this home in central Fresno.

Maria Ramirez lives down the street from where the home invasion robbery took place. She says the victim daughter's told her a group of men knocked on the door and the victim opened it without checking who was there. Ramirez says that's when the suspects barged into the home.

"I think the people they said," said Ramirez. "Where is the gold? Where is money? And they put the gun to her head. The lady scared."

The victim's daughter tells Action News off camera that the suspects tied her mother's wrists with a telephone cord and took off with some jewelry. Fresno Police however aren't saying what or how much the suspects got away with.

Lt. Phil Cooley said, "Right now they're probably going to be doing a canvass of the residence to do an inventory to see exactly what was taken."

News of this crime spread quickly through the neighborhood. Louisa Alejandrez lives next door and says it's scary to know that a home invasion robbery took place so close to her kids and family.

"I always leave my door unlocked because I have my mom and my sister lives right here and they just walk in so now I know to lock my doors," said Alejandrez.

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