Jonathon Gideon: Chowchilla's hometown hero


Jonathon was scheduled to come home for leave this Christmas but he's now undergoing treatment at a Texas hospital. On November 18th, Jonathon and his unit were serving in one of their last missions in Kandahar when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb.

Jonathon broke both of his legs, another man; Private First Class Adam Dobereiner didn't make it. Jonathan's father, Larry Gideon tells Action News that doctors expect his son to recover in about a year.

Now the town of Chowchilla is banding together to help out Jonathon, his wife and their two young children. They set up donations bins around the city to collect Christmas presents and set up a trust fund at Citibank.

The account number for Jonathan's fund is 204399430.

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