Police: Parlier teens make up kidnapping story, trigger AMBER Alert


Parlier Police believed two men attacked and kidnapped 17-year-old Melannie Dominguez Monday night in the area of Tuolumne and Mendocino. Dominguez's friend claimed two men in a gray Honda Accord approached them and then hit and dragged them to the car.

Authorities say Dominguez and her friend, created the story. Parlier Police say Dominguez lied because she was afraid she wasn't going to graduate from high school, and didn't want her parents to find out.

Parlier Police spent the night looking for Dominguez until her friend finally told officers the truth.

"She started to confess what happened, it got bigger than she though it would, directed us to where the supposed kidnapped juvenile was at and we found her there and returned her to her parents," said Sgt. Don Wallace with the Parlier Police Department.

About 150 people volunteered to look for the teen. Parlier Police found Dominguez hiding in a vacant home.

The teen could now face charges of filing a false police report.

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