Hundreds turn out for Civil War Revisited

FRESNO, Calif.

The beat of the drums, the burst of bullets and battling confederate and union soldiers are just a few reasons why six-year old Nicholas Madero was impressed with this year's civil war revisited. "It looks like cannons were firing and the guys were playing dead," Madero said.

Amy Ivy has watched Kearney Park transform into a living piece of history for years. Ivy says what is so impressive is the attention to detail. "You can smell the gun powder and see the cannons going off," Ivy said.

Organizers say it takes hundreds of actors to capture the look and feel of the 1800s. On Sunday those actors dressed as weavers and workers from the Civil War era. William Peck who portrayed Abraham Lincoln says he hopes students will understand the Civil War's long lasting impact. "Why we have the liberties we have today, why we have this great and wonderful nation that we have, it all came out of the Civil War," said Peck.

ABC 30 sponsored the event.

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