Fresno Co animal shelter gets sudden influx of animals

January 11, 2013 12:42:57 AM PST
Fresno County's animal shelter is dealing with a sudden influx of animals just as the temperatures are dropping. Liberty Animal Control seized 30 small dogs Thursday from a so-called 'backyard breeder' in Fresno County. "Mixes between yorkies, bichons, poodles, a lot of these dogs that now we're trying to find homes for. What breeders will do is they will breed to make money and these animals have not been given a chance to find a loving home," said Daniel Bailey of Liberty Animal Control.

County ordinance requires dog owners who breed, board, or train five or more dogs to have a kennel license, something the owner did not have. The dogs are mostly female and luckily came to the shelter on the same day a donor bought and built several kennels. Workers at the shelter are now doing what they can to keep these dogs and the other animals at the shelter warm. "We are asking for more donations of towels and other stuff like blankets that we can use out here," said Bailey. Donations can be dropped off at the shelter during normal business hours.

During the cold weather, shade cloth is used to shield outdoor kennels from the wind and smaller dogs are kept in a shed with space heaters. The shelter population is over capacity but workers are hopeful the smaller breed dogs will find homes soon. "The adoption fee is going to be $100 and that's a package deal. It's going to include sterilization, first vaccine, and micro chipping," said Liberty Animal Control adoption coordinator Michelle Shanley.

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