Made in the Valley: Warnock Food Products

MADERA, Calif.

From tortilla chips, to chesse puffs, Warnock Food Products in Madera is making its mark in the snack food industry.

The machines are whirring, and employees are churning out all kinds of treats.


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Quick Facts -- Warnock Food Products

  • Family Owned and Operated business here in the Valley focused on making quality, great tasting snacks.
  • Manufactures snack food products for many well-known brands, as well as food service labels such as Sysco.  Even if you have never heard of Warnock Food Products, there is a good chance that you have eaten their products.

Local manufacturer:

  • Tortilla Chip, Potato Chips, Rice Chips, Cheese Puffs, Cheese Balls, Popcorn, Taco Shells, Tostada Bowls, and onion crunch products.
  • Employer of 150 employees located in Madera for 27 years. 
  • Just recently launched a new Brand -- Real McCoy's.  Great tasting Rice Chips, Rice Puffs, and Wheat Berry Chips.  Find them locally at Whole Foods, Kristina's Ranch Market, and Raleys.

Main strengths:

  • Warnock Food Products is well known for its creativity and exceptional research and development.  In the snack industry, companies look to Warnock for development of new products to bring to market. 

Other Statistics:

Potato Facts:

  • Warnock processes 150,000 pounds per day (3 truckloads  daily)

  • It takes 4lbs of raw potatoes to make 1 lb of potato chips

Tortilla Chip Facts:

  • Produces 50,000 lbs/day of tortilla chips

Onion Facts:

  • Some of the fried onion products made by Warnock Food Products…end up in your favorite fast food burgers and salads.


  • Warnock Food Products ships 2 container loads overseas daily.

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