Snow creates dicey driving conditions near Shaver Lake

February 19, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
The California Highway Patrol is requiring chains at the bottom of the four lanes near Highway 168.

Action News Reporter Stephanie Stone and Videographer Bryce Marshall went to Shaver Lake. The roads were covered with snow and many restaurants and area businesses were closed.

Fresno driver Benjamin Brown tells Action News, he didn't check the weather before he drove up to Shaver Lake and wished he had. A small bit of acceleration sent his car off the road.

Brown said, "I gave it too much gas, I panicked when I saw some trees, I shouldn't have done, panicked, once I panicked, I locked the brakes, slid and that's where you see my car right now."

"Just slow down," said Officer Shasta Tollefson with the California Highway Patrol. "Stay slow, and if you feel like you're going to slide, don't lock up your breaks, start tapping the breaks as soon as you slide, release and reapply that brake pedal."

Highway Patrol Officers want to remind drivers, when traveling in thick, snow covered roads, try to stay to the right side of the road if you're having a hard time seeing or staying in the lines.