Verdict: Fresno County CPS violated duties in Seth Ireland case

FRESNO, Calif.

A verdict was reached against Fresno County Child Protective Services (/*CPS*/) in connection with the death of /*Seth Ireland*/. The verdict stated that Fresno County did violate its mandatory duties by not protecting the 10-year-old boy.

Fresno County will take 65 percent of the blame in the death of Seth Ireland. Convicted murderer /*Lebaron Vaughn*/ will take 25 percent and mother /*Rena Ireland*/ 10 percent of the blame.

Damages of $5 million were awarded to Seth Ireland's father Joe Hudson, and $3.5 million was awarded to Seth's younger brother /*Jervon Ireland*/.

Lebaron Vaughn murdered Seth Ireland four years ago and he's now serving a life sentence. Child Protective Services got several calls reporting abuse against Seth Ireland and his half-brother Jervon. Seth's father say the agency missed at least four chances to step in and save the boy's life.


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