Rodeo clown Casey Wagner struck by lightning twice in Texas

October 28, 2013

Wagner was at a racing event in Texas Saturday when the storms struck. He and his friends sought shelter under a tree.

"This is by far the closest to death I've ever been," the 31-year-old rodeo clown said. "What I remember is just loud boom and it dropped me to my knees and then right when I was going to my knees it hit me again. When I got hit it was just two big old flashes and then sparks went everywhere."

Wagner said he felt the electricity shoot up through his body.

"And then shot up through here and then went across my chest and came out about here. I had discoloration where it would have popped out," Wagner said.

Wagner was hospitalized. He lost feeling in his arm and leg for a while, but is expected to recover completely.

"I've got all the feeling back. It just feels like my whole body is waking up from. . . like if your arm falls asleep - that's how my whole body feels right about now," Wagner said.

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