A new way of reducing wrinkles being offered in the Valley

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin used to take multiple treatments. Now there's a facial filler that promises permanent results. While it's catching on across the country it's already being offered here in the Valley.

"I just feel like I have sort of a tired looking, kind of droopy looking-- I'm getting jowly," said Karen Sumner, patient.

Karen said what she sees in the mirror doesn't reflect how she feels. The self-employed married mother from Madera feels 51-years-young and wants to look it. But previous cosmetic boosts have let her down.

"I've done filler, I've done Botox. I always feel like I'm always playing catch-up-- you know. Something's always wearing off."

So when Karen heard about Bellafill she knew it was the solution for her.

The collagen-based treatment is being called a permanent filler, because once the material is injected in the face it stays there.

"What appealed to me was the permanence," said Dr. Kaye Riolo, plastic surgeon.

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Riolo was so impressed with the results of Bellafill after being trained on its use, she immediately brought it to her Northeast Fresno office.

She said, unlike other fillers which wear off over time, Bellafill can be applied once and then enhanced.

"You think of it as an investment. You put a little in, and it's still there. And you come back the next time, you're a little older, or you have a little more money to invest in your appearance and you add to that.

Karen looks forward to seeing a more refreshed look, with no recovery time.

After her consultation with Dr. Riolo, a few before treatment pictures of Karen are taken, then a numbing cream is applied on her face. Dr. Riolo then injects Bellafill where Karen needs the facial volume that time has taken away.

And unlike other fillers, as Bellafill is being applied, it's already working. Bellafill shows quick results, even as it's being applied, because of its key ingredients. Bovine collagen creates volume in the face and then eventually dissipates. Then the body creates its own collagen around Bellafill's permanent material.

Each injection of Bellafill leaves polymethyl methacrylate microspheres in the face. The same material has been used in orthopedic surgery for over 60 years. The body builds collagen around those microspheres, and in the face it has a boosting effect, smoothing out lines and restoring volume.

Karen can see the results of her treatment, immediately.

After the injection results show smoothness and added volume on the right side-- just minutes after.

Once both sides are treated, Karen said she sees the face of the woman she feels like on the inside.

Dr. Riolo said she thoroughly consults with her clients to make sure they understand, Bellafill is permanent. The cost runs about $900 per syringe and clients typically need 5 syringes. Karen said she'll save money in the long run because she won't need re-treatments every few months.

"It was perfect for me because I don't want to keep coming back, spending money again, spending money again-- so, I thought it was a great solution for my lifestyle."

A lifestyle that includes looking as vibrant as she feels.
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