This gamer turned his love of casinos, slot machines and gambling into a career

Brian Christopher had 'no plans of making this a job.'

ByAmy Becker Localish logo
Monday, September 11, 2023
This gaming influencer turned his love of gambling into a career
Gaming influencer, Brian Christopher, turned his love of slot machines, casinos and gambling into a lucrative career.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- Brian Christopher is a gaming influencer with massive followings on his YouTube channel and Facebook page. When Gaming Arts, a gaming machine manufacturer, reached out to Brian to design his own slot machine, he couldn't pass up the offer.

"I worked with them on every aspect, to the images, to the music that was inside of it, and the features of the game as well," he explained.

The machines are bright, fun, and feature Brian's likeness in a cartoon version of himself. But, to enjoy the machines, "you don't have to be a fan" of his social pages. The machines are still just as enjoyable to play, especially with the bonuses in the game.

We asked Brian about his journey of making a career out of a hobby, to which he responded, "This career that I have, it never used to be a career. The path just got created for me as I went along. I had no plans of making this a job, and this just kind of fell into my lap as I started gambling and posting videos for fun."

Agua Caliente Casino was "the very first casino to get the slot machine in California" and is considered "home base" for Brian. With the machine located at all three Agua Caliente Casinos properties, Christopher's fans flock to them. He finds himself at the Casinos monthly and has been a fan of the properties for years.

If you'd like to check out Brian Christopher's slot machines, head here to view their properties.