Local auto dealer offering 20-year 200,000 mile warranty

SELMA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A digital message along Highway 99 is grabbing attention and it is translating into big business for the Selma Auto Mall.

"The phones have been ringing off the hook. I've had orders coming from outside the area just for this warranty," said Sven Greany.

The headline is not an exaggeration. Selma Auto Mall is now offering a 20-year 200,000-mile warranty with every purchase of a new car. That is 10 different car makers to choose from at no additional charge.

"A lot of customers don't believe it. I've had people come in and want to see it in writing. I'll show them in writing cause they don't believe it because nobody is going to offer 20 years 200,000 miles," said Greany.

But there is no catch, Selma Auto Mall is believed to be the first dealership in the Central Valley to offer this type of warranty included in the price of a new vehicle.

"It's going to cover your engine, your transmission, your powertrain all-wheel drive four-wheel drive, so all that's covered," said Greany.

Officials say recent sales have far exceeded expectations in a relatively flat market, thanks to the new incentive.

"When we offered this starting in December we had a huge influx. We had probably our biggest end of the year ever at the Selma Auto Mall and this warranty had a huge part to do with it," said Greany.

It originally started as a special promotion but thanks to an uptick in sales officials say the 20-year 200,000-mile warranty at the Selma Auto Mall is here to stay.
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