Made in the Valley: Natasha Holland Studio

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A South Valley artist is connecting with people all over the world with her unique maps.

With the stroke of her brush, artist Natasha Holland Hayes is creating a one of a kind watercolor map.

"It kind of snowballed into this idea that I could have hand drawn maps be home decor, artwork and for people to enjoy celebrating the places that we love whether it's our hometown or a place you love vacationing," said Natasha Holland Hayes, Natasha Holland Studio.

Hayes is a military wife. She always painted, but when her husband's job took her to Guam, she found herself giving art lessons and then taking the step to pursue her hobby.

"We realized everyone else was connecting with that especially in the military community because you're going all over the place all of the time and so it helped, It was a blessing in disguise," said Hayes.

Out of that Natasha Holland Studio bloomed. Once in California, she started creating more and more watercolor pieces inspired by the scenery and the state.

"I went to school for architecture so I'm a total architecture geek. I love cities and city planning and I love researching the different areas, the mountain range, the foothills become the mountains," said Hayes.

Hayes says many of her customers are drawn to landmarks and the memories they have of places. Her silhouettes and city maps have been sold all over the world.

"It's super fun and every day is so different and the possibilities and ideas are endless."

Natasha Holland Studio on Etsy
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