Red Cross looking for donations and additional volunteers to help those affected by wildfires in Southern California

Just as wildfires continue to destroy parts of Southern California 20 Red Cross volunteers from the Central Valley are on the ground helping those affected.

"Trained volunteers are being deployed to the wildfires and then we're also getting the support from the local community that is there to step up as well," said Taylor Poisall with the Central Valley Red Cross.

The Red Cross is seeking donations and additional volunteers for the numerous evacuation centers they've opened for residents seeking refuge.

"We had the Ferguson Fire in our own backyard and now we have the Hill Fire and Woolsey Fire so it just seems like there's always something which is why we always need more volunteers because more natural disaster seems to be occurring," Poisall said.

If you'd like to volunteer, all the information can be found at RedCross.Org.

"Right now we have local community members in the Ventura area," said Poisall. "They're getting started and working in shelters and able to help their neighbors and we always wish more people would sign up."

And if you can't volunteer, Red Cross officials say they can always use donations to help continue their work during the crisis.

"A lot of people want to be able to help whenever they can and it helps when people are donating to disaster relief because that can go to anywhere in the country to be able to help," Poisall said.

Most volunteers will be deployed for two weeks during a crisis or natural disaster.
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