Valley's first pot dispensary opens for business

WOODLAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- You can now buy marijuana legally in the South Valley following the opening of a new dispensary in the Tulare County town of Woodlake.

It's called Valley Pure and its buzzing with customers.

"It's been such a long process but being here today seeing people walk in and out through the doors seeing commerce happening seeing tax dollars being generated for the city of Woodlake are really all upsides to what we've done," says Valley Pure general manager Wes Hardin.

Valley Pure offers everything cannabis related, from edibles, to buds, and the city takes its cut with every transaction. "The city of Woodlake collects 5% of every dollar that comes in here. There's an extra 5% tax," says Hardin.

Early projections say that could translate into $700,000 annually. Residents we spoke to back Woodlake city leaders for allowing valley pure to set up shop in their town.

"This is really stupid what these other communities are doing. Woodlake is awake everybody else needs to wake up. They are going to make all the money in Tulare County," says George Sanders.

According to the staff, the Valley's first legal pot dispensary has become quite popular, in fact, its turned into somewhat of a tourist attraction for visitors passing through town on their way to Sequoia National Park.

"We've seen people all the way from Chile. We had a few from New Hampshire, Texas and a few from Arizona. A lot of people going to the park, obviously it's the gateway to the Sequoias, and everyone wants to stop get a few things and make their way," says Valley Pure General Manager Tony Caudle.

The purchase of cannabis products is legal for anyone 21 and older at Valley Pure.

If you can't make it to Woodlake they offer home delivery. "We're able to get out to the people if they can't make it to us, cancer patients, people that can't drive those type of issues we can take it straight to them straight to their door," says Caudle.

Valley Pure could soon see some competition with news of a second pot shop set to open in town later this year.
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