Car break-ins on the rise in Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There has been a 42% increase in car break-ins this month in Central Fresno.

Burglars are targeting spots like parking lots in the Tower District and apartment complexes near Fruit and Dakota.

"These burglaries happen within a matter of seconds with windows being smashed, just smash and grab," said Fresno Police Lt. Rob Beckwith.

The Fresno Police Department is warning drivers about leaving their cars in the area late at night.

They say the majority of the break-ins happen in the early morning hours.

They've seen about 15 more break-ins in March compared to average.

"We do know from the past that typically when we see a spike like this, a lot of those times it does involve one or two groups or persons that are involved," said Lt. Beckwith.

If you do leave your car in these areas, make sure no valuables are left inside.

Lt. Beckwith provides some examples, "Purses, sometimes papers, electronic type of equipment, tools, things like that, that would be attractive to someone that they could see through a window and take."

In the meantime, officers are increasing patrols at these locations to catch the criminals, and are asking if anyone knows who the suspects could be, or have a description, to contact the Fresno Police Department.
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