2 women run after car crashes into fence, house in northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno police are looking for two women after a car crashed into a house in northwest Fresno early Tuesday morning.

It happened just after midnight at home on Milburn and Ashlan.

A passerby told police two women went running from the Chevy Impala after it smashed through a fence and into a house.

Officials say two kids were sleeping 15 feet away from where the car crashed.

"We are circulating the area to see if we can find somebody. Hopefully, they're not injured. We'll be checking with hospitals to see if they come in later," said Fresno Police Lt. Anthony Dewall. "We're also checking the area to see if they're any surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, things like that."

No one inside the home was hurt.

It's unknown if the vehicle was stolen or if the house is still structurally sound.
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