Valley Animal Center searching for another veterinarian to help expand services

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Valley Animal Center in Fresno is expanding but having a hard time find another veterinarian for their newly renovated facility.

Devon Prendergast, with Valley Animal Center, said they have been searching for a vet for a few months.

"We are just trying to find that one person to come work for our awesome organization," she said.

The Valley Animal Center is a no-kill shelter and offers services to pet owners at a very low cost.

Matthew Maler brought his new puppy Sawyer to get his shots at the clinic because he's had great experiences with the clinic and he likes the low-cost services.

"I think it's great for people that can't as easily have access to a vet. It allows you access to a vet a to get the shots that you need," he explained.

Prendergast explained they are seeing an increase in demand for services and that is a reason they decided to expand.

"We've seen a huge increase in services, people coming in, and unfortunately long wait times to get in for appointments," she said.

Spay and neuter appointments are booked out four to six weeks and to keep up with the demand they've re-purposed a building on-site.

However, before they can offer more services, they need a veterinarian, but she said being a non-profit has made it tough because they say there is a shortage.

"As a non-profit it gets hard to compete with sign-on bonuses and things like that. But I think that any veterinary looking for an awesome opportunity, if they were to come out and do a tour of our clinic expansion and see the gorgeous facility and why our team is so passionate about helping the community members I think any vet would be excited to come out and participate," Prendergast explained.

She said they've expanded their search outside of California and are also looking internationally.

Once they get a vet they will be able to open the doors.

"We are now only doing wellness exams two days a week, and that will be a five-day-a-week service and we'll be able to help out over 1,200 more patients," she said.

Their current clinic will turn into a surgery annex.

"Our surgery portion of the clinic is operating three days a week, that will also go to a five day a week service and we will be able to offer about 2,500 more spay and nueter services for the community," Prendergast added.

Any veterinarians interested in the position can call (559) 233-8690 or email
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